Our Team Leader


Patrick Paul M.G.A (Manager General Agency)

Group Founder

Patrick Paul is a former Mortgage Broker Lender of 12 years. He started "The Paul Group" in the year of 2009. The Paul Group is one of the leading agencies in the state of Florida. Come join the team that highly values and supports its agents. We love what we do here at Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company.

Our Team

Cynthia Paul (Co-Founder)

Co-Founder and Administration

My name is Cynthia Paul and I am a former Mortgage Broker Business owner. The mortgage business was good to me and my family for 12 years. But nothing like this business and company! I am partners with the #1 Final Expense Company in the U.S and proud of it! Simple business! Great residue income! I Love It!

Marc Tirolia M.G.A. (Managing General Agent)

Managing General Agent

I partnered up with Lincoln Heritage in 2011, prior to that I was an Industrial Electrical Mechanic for 10 years making 75k-85k annually, working 12 hour shifts 6 days a week. When I heard that I could get paid within 24 hours and residual income was mentioned, I was very much interested. I had to make a decision between security or wealth. I looked up the company and quit my job 2 months before getting my life insurance license. I earned six figures in my 1st year and every year after my income continue to increase. The lead program is like no other. Now I live with a bigger purpose having the opportunity to help families and build wealth. The incentives are just bonuses; I've been on all expense paid trips to the Dominican Republic, Panama, Germany and Paris thanks to Lincoln heritage. The people I met here are like family and will do just about anything to help you get to the next level and reach your goals.

Carol Hibbert M.G.A. (Managing General Agent)

Managing General Agent

I started my career with Lincoln Heritage/The Paul Group in Sept 2010, prior to that I sold Health Insurance did ok but nothing to show for it. To put things in perspective prior to me getting into the Insurance industry I was in the IT/Telecommunication field for 30+ years, loved it never thought I would do anything else. The reality is, with all my hard work and dedication over those 30yrs, I never made $100,000 in annual income even with my last position as a Telecommunication Manager. I can happily say I have exceeded $100,000 each year with Lincoln Heritage/The Paul Group for the last 5 years. I found a happy and successful career with the #1 Final Expense Company in the country. I get daily advances and was fully vested in 2 years. I have seen my Pay thru/Residual income substantially grow each year, available exclusive Client Leads, Incentive trips (Dominican Republic, Panama and Munich, Germany). I can now provide for my family without the financial worry and having that peace of mind is a welcome experience. Here you need no prior sales experience, just a strong positive mindset to succeed, be coachable, willingness to help people, clients as well as fellow agents. I truly believe and exercise the following quote:
"You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want..." -Zig Ziglar”

Richard Farquharson M.G.A. (Managing General Agent)

Managing General Agent

I started in the insurance industry over 17 years ago. I've worked with some of the leading companies in the Insurance industry, none of which have made such a positive impact on my life.  Within the 5 years I've represented this company, I've seen the changes not only in my life but many of my colleague’s lives also. Lincoln Heritage is simply the best final expense company in the industry.  A company that pays agents in 24hrs after submitting an application,  the ability to grow a residual income second to none,  access to a qualified lead system, an opportunity to build an agency and influence other agents to better their life. After 17 years I'm happy to say I found a home.

Donald Farquharson M.G.A. (Managing General Agent) AWG Financial, LLC.

Managing General Agent

I have worked many years in the Banking and Insurance business. I partnered with The Paul Group and Lincoln Heritage in August 2010. This company is way ahead of all competitors and has the amazing combination of a great product, great people and great leadership.

Margarette Francis M.G.A. (Managing General Agent)

Managing General Agent

Before joining Lincoln Heritage in September 2009, I was a pharmacy tech manager for 17 years.  While it was a lucrative position and gave me the opportunity to grow, I’ve always felt that I could do better for myself.
I worked part time as a mortgage broker and realtor with Patrick Paul. Just so you know I was a jack of all trades.  Now I am only committed to Lincoln Heritage.  When I joined the company I set records that no other woman has before in sales (records in sales, records for trips).  I was the first woman MGA. I see the possibilities of what I am working for...
My name is Margarette Francis and I love what I do.

Neil Hadley M.G.A. (Managing General Agent)

Managing General Agent

After serving my country in the U.S. Navy, working in a nuclear power plant for 4 years, I became a nuclear power plant mechanic at Florida Power & Light Nuclear Plant. I worked there for 6 years and thought it would be my final stop. Most people retire from a career like this after 30 years. After learning about the Lincoln Heritage opportunity in October of 2009 I knew that it was something special. I quit my job at the power plant which was a 100,000 a year plus a job and came on board with Lincoln Heritage. My life has completely changed, now my mission is to change as many lives as possible. I know I’ve found the vehicle with Lincoln Heritage. This is my home for Life.


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