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  • Lincolnbuilding

    Lincoln Heritage Foundation

    Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company and all of the Londen Companies were founded on service. When their founder, Jack Londen, decided to form his own life insurance company at 28 years of age, his main motivation factor was that he was not receiving good service from the company he represented. He knew that the key to success was prompt, friendly, accurate service.

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  • Family

    Lincoln Heritage Values

    Lincoln Heritage uses the personal touch and is dedicated to helping their customers. Live people answer each and every phone call. They are also dedicated to remaining privately held. More and more, publicly held companies do ill-advised and even outrageous things in order to pump up their quarterly earnings. There is always pressure to do something, even if it is wrong.

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  • Lincoln Heritage Customers

    Lincoln Heritage has three sets of customers, all equally important—policyholders and their families, the thousands of funeral homes who graciously serve those families, and the lifeline to the field, the Regional Consultant and Family Service Counselor.

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